Summer Holidays 2012

I’m out of London for several different short holidays over the long school summer holidays this year. I’ll do my best to respond to emails, though may not have internet access while away. I’ll of course respond to all emails and messages when I return, though please give me a couple of days to catch up!

The Library will be closed for all regular Wednesday and Thursday sessions from now until September.  I will still open as usual every other Tuesday on the 31st of July and on the 14th and 28th of August.  To help compensate for the closures on alternate weeks, these 3 Tuesday sessions only will run for extended hours from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  I’m expecting these sessions to be busier than normal so any help would be greatly appreciated!

For more details on Sling Library holidays, please see the following page: Library Holidays

For any pressing sling or carrier questions while I’m away, please try the Natural Mamas Sling Clinic Facebook group.

Have a lovely summer and I’ll be back to normal in September! :D

© 2012 South London Sling Library
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About emeriminni

My name's Emily and I'm a pragmatic mum to 2 inspirational children, happy wife to eternally patient James, Sling Librarian, business owner/manager, part-time student & chronic craft enthusiast. I love reading, ranting, learning and making things & I'm interested in philosophy, psychology, babywearing & practical, natural-ish parenting, and all sorts of creative things (esp. crochet, dyeing, sewing, beading and baking).
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