Introducing a Donations Box

I’ve finally decided to listen to the many friends and library users who’ve suggested this and set up an honesty box to collect donations at Sling Library Open Sessions.

At the moment I run the sessions for free (that is, free to enter and with me volunteering my time) and they’re getting so busy I’m finding it harder to help everyone, and to deal with all of the mountains of related paperwork and emails. I’m delighted that the Library is so popular and would love to be able to keep growing and improving to keep up with demand. In order to do this I definitely need to get a more regular, paid assistant to help me with everything.

To raise funds I’m now going to ask for a small donation from anyone coming to get expert information, help or advice and to try on carriers. It’ll still be free to just come and drop off a borrowed sling and the suggested donation is just £2 per adult (or whatever you can afford). An honesty box will be placed by the sign-in table to collect these – during busy sessions we won’t be able to check contributions but trust everyone to contribute whatever they feel the service is worth :)

Thanks so much to everyone for all your support! :D x

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My name's Emily and I'm a pragmatic mum to 2 inspirational children, happy wife to eternally patient James, Sling Librarian, business owner/manager, part-time student & chronic craft enthusiast. I love reading, ranting, learning and making things & I'm interested in philosophy, psychology, babywearing & practical, natural-ish parenting, and all sorts of creative things (esp. crochet, dyeing, sewing, beading and baking).
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