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25 Responses to Feedback

  1. Cindy says:

    I wish I had known about Emily and the sling library before I bought my first sling because Emily is extremely helpful with a wealth of knowledge about slings and tailors her advice to what your needs are and what would work best for you. I would highly recommend a visit to the South London Sling Library if you live near enough and a consultation with Emily before committing to buying a sling. You won’t regret it! Based on Emily’s advice, I ended up buying a Toddlerhawk Mei Tai which I have been very happy with and she also taught me how to wear my Ergo (which I also use) in a way which was more comfortable for me. I intend to return soon as I would like Emily’s patient advice on how best to do a back carry with a Mei Tai now that my baby is older and I think I’d like to investigate woven wraps too! Thank you, Emily!

  2. Kristinn Tan says:

    “The art of babywearing used to be passed down the generations” mum said. That was a long long time ago in a land far far away. Here and now there is the South London Sling Library run by the very friendly and knowledgeable Emily.

    One cool September afternoon found me consulting with her accompanied by my tearaway toddler and my newborn. The pre-consultation questionnaire had helped me focus and prioritise the many questions I had. So whilst my toddler undressed all the dolls we tried different slings and different methods of using slings. Emily dealt with the difficulties I had experienced with aplomb and there was time to practise my new found skills with baby. Her advice was practical and refreshingly honest when it came to the limitations of babywearing (in my case breastfeeding completely hands free is not going to happen but it clearly works for others). It was marvellous to have someone help guide me through the maze of assorted carriers and moreover fit them to my particular needs. The cherry on top was hiring the best contenders for an in vivo test run before making a final choice.

    I enjoyed the consultation. Emily’s enthusiasm for all things sling related is infectious and I am still referring to all the information she kindly emailed through. I just wish I didn’t live 40 miles away.

  3. Jennie says:

    Wow – emily is a wealth of info and must have 100s of slings to try on. Slings are pricey so it was good to try first. I borrowed a lovely wrap and have now bought a similar one and can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks soooo much for this very valuable service.

  4. Anne says:

    I was totally impressed with Emily’s in-depth knowledge about all things Sling – her help has really been invaluable, and I would never have got through the terrifying early months of motherhood without the Kari Me and Ergo slings, which were a total godsend after my back got wrecked by a Baby Bjorn sling. There’s so much variety out there, and Emily can recommend one suitable for your body shape and your baby’s size. I really think slings can make life MUCH easier (and your baby will be happier)…my friends D and A are also sling devotees and we have been back and forth to Emily’s sling library many times over the months and would recommend to everyone! There’s nothing like being able to board any mode of London transport effortlessly, without having to be wedged in the buggy enclosure, or at worst, left on the pavement by a bus driver who has already got two women and buggies aboard and has no room for you – slings mean you can go everywhere, even on country walks…and great for calming down my baby when I take her to baby cinema or loud gatherings and she gets restless. Thanks Emily!

  5. Anny says:

    I came to the SLSL because I needed to find a sling for carrying my toddler while I’m pregnant. I found a warm, welcoming, relaxed and slightly chaotic (in a nice way!) atmosphere, and – thanks to Emily’s patience and expertise – two suitable solutions. The bump-friendly Connecta is also a big hit with Benjamin’s Dad, and we get plenty of compliments on our beautiful Hoppediz ring sling when we’re out and about.
    The SLSL is not just a fantastic resource, it’s also a lovely place to visit, drink tea, chat to other parents and be amazed by the huge range of ways to carry a baby!

  6. Christina says:

    Wow!!!  Emily is simply fantastic :D . She is my go to geek for all things wrap related (sorry Emily !!).  

    Emily’s knowledge on all things related to carrying your baby is simply astounding – not only can she advise you on different types of carriers including wraps/Mei Tais/buckle/ringslings, she can explain in depth the relative benefits and idiosyncrasies of each brand. 

    For the woven wrap geek she is able to enthuse at length about different wrap brands/blends/weaves and help with a multitude of different wrapping techniques.  She is currently helping me get a wrap fabric ring sling made and has been a great help deciding fabric type/ring size and shoulder style!  I’m aiming to get my perfect ring sling (it’s a bit of an ongoing project!!!). 

    In founding the south London sling library she has set up an incredibly professional service which gives fantastic individualised, unbiased advice.  I’m particularly impressed in her deciding to stock some of the new Baby Bjorn carriers – (the ones that have more support for babies and adults) as it gives people the chance to try out this very popular brand that is available on the high street and compare it to other SSC’s.  This highlights her belief in promoting carrying comfort for both mum and baby  without excluding a particular brand outright.  

    I took my OH to the SLSL to help him choose an SSC that he could wear to carry our DS on his back.  He initially thought he would want a buckle carrier but after trying on a Mei tai/Ergo/kinder pack and Bobba 3G he surprised himself in finding the Mei tai  easier and more comfortable to use.  We are now eagerly awaiting our custom preschooler Melkaj :D

    Thank you so much Emily for all your help  !!! xxx

  7. Pip says:

    I have used both the sling library on numerous occasions since Miss K was born and it is, as many others have said, a wonderful resource. More than this, Emily is approachable, knowledgeable and endlessly patient with both parents and children (much needed with my crazy family!!) My husband and I have borrowed a number of carriers/wraps and it has really helped us become confident carriers. She has also helped me discover more of the wider world of natural parenting, with pointers to websites and meet-ups etc, which has been invaluable in enabling me be the type of Mama I want to be.
    We have also had a private consultation to help us with back carrying and it was SO helpful.
    I cannot recommend the SLSL and Emily’s help enough (as anyone who ever stops and asks me about carrying/slings etc can confirm!!)
    A huge thank you from we 3 :-)

  8. Zoe Knott says:

    Many thanks to Emily for generously giving her time to come to talk to our Pregnancy Yoga Class in Bromley. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for the benefits of carrying your baby in a sling inspired the whole group. They are now converts. Emily has given the women the confidence to experiment with different baby carriers and I’m sure many will visit the Sling Library to see which suits them and their baby best.

  9. Anna Hindocha says:

    The Sling Library has been such a great resource for me. I got really good advice from Emily, tried several different mei-tais and ended up ordering a custom toddlerhawk with extra long straps due to Emily’s advice. As baby carriers are quite an investment it’s really importnat to be able to try them out first. Without being able to try first I never would have ordered a custom sling from the US but I was sure it was the right choice for me and I was able to keep renewing the one I had borrowed until mine came – very important as the sling quickly became an essential piece of kit, especially for daytime naps.

    Since coming to the sling library my pushchair has barely had a look in and I’m about to come back to try out some different styles of carrier so I can add to my collection – thinking of trying a ring sling next.

    It’s also a really great social group where I met like-minded mums when my baby was very little, before I started going to other groups. Emily is really welcoming and a walking library of sling knowledge. I have recommended it to all my friends with babies.

  10. Granddad says:

    I have carried our grandson around for long periods in an Ergo Performance sling and it is marvellously comfortable, no strain on the back at all. The baby sleeps very soundly or simply looks around and is totally secure and snug .

  11. Bev says:

    The Sling Library is a brilliant resource – Emily gave me lots of advice on which sling would suit us best and how to adjust for the best fit which really boosted my confidence when carrying my 2 week old baby, making it much easier for us to get out and about. I borrowed three different carriers and ended up buying a Hana wrap which has been great for us. It’s a fantastic service especially considering that Emily gives her time for free. I’ve been recommending it to all the new mums I know :)

  12. Caroline says:

    The Sling Library is an excellent service and I am pleased I found out about it. Emily is very helpful, approachable and knowledgable.

    I have borrowed 5 slings in total, a Mei Tai, ring sling and 3 soft structured slings, an Ergo Performance, a Boba and a Connecta. My favourite of the soft structured slings has been the Ergo Performance. I am going to buy one for myself today. It’s really comfortable and has been tried by other members of my family who all agree. I have been on two long walks over the last week with it and found it comfortable, supportive and lightweight. We’ve also used it to carry my son around the house while doing stuff round the house. We are pleased to find that it is proving to be quite good to send him to sleep in too. Also, there are two pockets at the front, one with a sleep hood and an empty one which is just big enough to carry a few nappies and wipes.

  13. Melanie says:

    The Sling Library is fabulous – I’ve tried out two carriers and had loads of advice from Emily about all the different choices. My daughter is one – I started out using a jersey sling for the first few months and then started using a Baby Bjorn but now using the BB for any length of time gives me a sore lower back. Not so with the slings in the Library – the two that I tried were super comfy, even for a whole day out. Having the opportunity to actually try the carriers before buying is so helpful – it would be awful to buy one and then find that it wasn’t comfy. Also – going to the Library was fun – lots of mums with different aged babies trying out different slings and swapping experiences and Emily on hand to tell us the pros and cons of each one. Seriously brilliant – so glad that a friend recommended it to me.

  14. HelenC says:

    Am now babywearing baby no. 3 but sooo wish I had found this service with no. 1. Would have saved a lot of misspent funds and back ache. Had a brilliant session with Emily today trying on loads of different slings to see which one would suit us and ended up with an Ergo which is not at all the outcome I expected. Emily shared loads of tips re: adjustment and fit, how to do scary back carries and what sling would best suit our family. I really could not recommend the service enough. I have done lots of researching (and purchasing…) online but nothing replaces the actual feel of trying stuff on. If you live anywhere within visiting distance do not buy a sling before going here.

  15. Arianwen says:

    I really think we would have stopped carrying our son if I hadn’t stumbled on SLSL. The wrap we had was good but just wasn’t coping with our growing boy. Being able to try things out and ask questions has been extremely useful. It’s such an amazing service!

  16. Jacks says:

    The SLSL has been brilliant – what a fantastic resource to have!! If I hadn’t been able to try the slings first, I would have chosen something which ended up being totally unsuitable for us. I was able to try (and borrow!) 3 different slings and Emily was so helpful, with loads of really good advice and helpful tips. Thanks to Emily I’ve now found a great sling which I’m really happy with.
    Thanks so much Emily!

  17. Sarah says:

    I came along for a workshop to improve my wrapping skills and help me gain confidence in using back carries. Emily took time to demonstrate herself before helping us individually. She aswered all of my questions and is incredibly knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. The most useful part for me was having someone to watch and advise as I was wrapping and help me tweak at the exact moments I was going wrong! I really feel that my technique has improved as a direct result of the tips that I was given.

  18. Christina says:

    I attended a woven wrap workshop with my 8month son. I wanted to improve my technique and confidence in doing back carries. The class was excellent – I learnt some new techniques that I have applied to carries I do regularly and have now successfully tried new carries on my own using these techniques. It was great being able to practice with a weighted doll and to cover basic wrapping techniques that can be universally applied. Thanks!

  19. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, Emily. I had come to the end of the road with my stretchy sling and was bewildered and a little intimidated by the range of other slings on offer, not to mention astonished at the prices. Coming to the library helped me identify which sling would suit me, and try out some new ties to get using it. I have now ordered two woven wraps and love them to pieces. If not for the sling library, I may not have continued using slings and that would have been a real shame for me and my baby.

  20. Leah says:

    I’ve been happily carrying my nearly 6month old baby in a babyhawk front carry for a while but he was starting to feel heavy so I wanted to explore some alternatives. I also wanted to start thinking about how I might make the best use of babywearing once he starts walking & getting even heavier. Specifically I wanted to learn how to do a back carry with the Babyhawk.

    Emily had planned the consultation to address all the issues I’d raised, and then she also addressed other additional issues that I threw at her during our appointment. She broke down all the steps into sensibly bite-sized elements.

    This consultation was fantastic. It was great to be able to try a variety of slings with the help of a real expert. Emily understood my needs very well and adjusted her advice e.g. when she saw me struggling with long lengths of fabric, and when she saw the development and personaliy of my baby. I would recommend a sling consultation with Emily to anyone who is thinking of babywearing or who wants to branch out into different slings or carries.

  21. Josephine says:

    After doing a lot of research online, I really liked the idea of getting a woven wrap. But I was reluctant to spend so much money on something that I’d only seen pictures of online. The sling library allowed me to try one out and also compare the different brands that I had been considering – plus a couple more that Emily suggested, one of which I’ve just bought. I’m happy that I’ll be able to go back to her in the future if I need help with new ties, and if I ever need a sling for a special occasion (wedding etc) I’ll go back to get one that matches my outfit!

  22. Emma says:

    I’d heard about different (other than the not-so-spine-friendly ones) soft structure carriers but could never find any in the shops to try out. So pleased to find the Sling Library – not only could I see the different slings/carriers in one place to compare them but also get non-biased advice from someone who knew what they were talking about. Ended up hiring an Ergobaby original which turned out to be great for us. Would never have chanced buying one without at least seeing it ‘in the flesh’, now have a new Ergobaby carrier which is even more comfortable than the original. If you’re unsure what is out there and/or what is most suited to you the Sling Library is THE place to go.

  23. Alice Walmesley says:

    The Sling Library is great! I found it on Google, and wish I’d heard about it sooner – I’m telling all my friends now. I borrowed a Sleepy Nico and although I really liked the idea of using a soft structured carrier, I found the velcro bits a bit annoying. It was great to find out what I did and didn’t like before buying a new one. I’ve gone for a Beco Gemini now, expensive but I absolutely love it. And I’ll hopefully be back to the library to try a woven wrap when little Holly gets older too. Highly, highly recommended.

  24. James says:

    Very useful resource as we weren’t sure whether or not we would actually use a sling. Emily was extremely helpful. Recommended.

  25. Kathy says:

    The South London Sling Library is a great resource and Emily is very knowledgeable. By borrowing a soft carrier, I was able to detemine which features I liked and did not like and it made my choice of a carrier for purchase much easier. I’ll probably be back to try a wrap too!

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