What does it cost?

In order to help fund the purchase of new and replacement carriers, to contribute to Library running costs, and to allow us to continue to provide high quality and up to date information about baby carriers, the Library asks for a small fee for every loan.

Loan fees are agreed in advance and depend on the length of the loan.  The standard loan period is 2 weeks, and depending on carrier popularity, you may be able to extend your loan period. Extensions are at Library discretion and must be agreed in advance on the Loan Form.

Minimum Sling Hire Costs:

Minimum sling hire costs are £5 for up to 2 weeks. Additional days/weeks agreed in advance are charged at £0.50 per day or £3 per week.  More expensive carriers have higher hire costs, up to a maximum of £15 for 2 weeks, £1.50 per day or £9 per week.

We also ask you to leave a deposit of between £20-£150 per carrier borrowed (depending on what it costs to buy the carrier new), which is fully refundable on return of the carrier and instructions in the same condition that they were loaned to you.  This allows us to repair or replace the carrier if anything should happen to it while it’s out on loan.  Typical charges that may be taken from your deposit are £5-10 for lost instruction booklets or DVDs, £5 for a lost chest belt or accessory strap, and from £5 for stains or damage depending on how repairable it is and how it affects the carrier use.

Finally (and hopefully not very often), we charge late fees. If you return your carrier late, then we will charge late fees of £1-3 per day for every day after the original return due date. If you are concerned that you may not be able to return your carrier on time PLEASE LET US KNOW before your carrier return date as we may be able to extend your loan or make other arrangements for returning it.

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