Accessories & Books

Many carriers have optional accessories, and there’s also a wide range of other products that are available to help make babywearing easier and more comfortable.  We have a range of babywearing accessories that parents can borrow with a baby carrier for an additional loan fee and additional deposit indicated below.  As with carriers, the deposit value is dependent on the replacement value of the accessory.

Carrier Accessories (Inserts and Adaptions for Carriers)

Catbird Baby Lumbar Support Belt: a structured, padded lumbar support belt that can be used with any buckle carrier or mei tai that has a soft or unpadded waist. For those who prefer a more structured and supportive waistband. Loan fee is £1, deposit is £15.

ERGObaby Infant Insert: Can be used with either model Ergo. Suitable from newborn to 4 or 5 months old. No extra charge when borrowed with an ERGObaby Carrier, or £2 when borrowed alone. Deposit value is £20

ERGObaby Waist Extension: An extender belt that can be used with an Ergo Original carrier to extend the waist belt by up to another 8″. This is not compatible with the Ergo Performance model.

Sling Rings: Specially designed aluminium rings suitable to use with any woven wrap and any age child. No extra charge or deposit when borrowed with any woven wrap (replacement value in case of loss is £5). When borrowed alone loan fee is £1, deposit value is £5

Tula Free to Grow Extenders – fantastic product that will extend the width of your standard sized Soft Structured Carrier to last even longer! Great for supporting the thighs of children with long or chunky legs. Loan fee is £1, deposit is £15

Tula Infant Insert – Can be used with the Tula Baby Carrier. Suitable from newborn to 4 or 5 months old. No extra charge when borrowed with a Tula Baby Carrier, or £2 when borrowed alone. Deposit value is £20

Bags, Weather-proofing and other Accessories

Babylegs Leg Warmers: To wear on baby’s legs and/or parent’s arms.  Very useful when you’re using a long wrap and don’t need a coat, but could do with an extra layer on exposed limbs, and great as an extra layer for baby. No extra charge when borrowed with a carrier, deposit value is £5

Cocoon Carrier Cover: Waterproof cover with removable hood to protect baby from the wet and wind. Clips onto most slings and carriers. Loan fee is £3, deposit value is £30

Doll Ring Sling: Made from a Natural Mamas Exclusive Oscha woven wrap. For children to carry their toys in (not to be used for carrying real babies!) Loan fee is £3, deposit value is £35.

ERGObaby Backpack: Can be worn with the ERGObaby carrier, and with other carriers too (please check for compatability). Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £30

Eye Spy Baby Sling Mirror: A very handy accessory that allows you to easily see your child when back carrying without needing lots of conveniently reflective windows nearby! Loan fee is £1 and deposit value is £10

Fumbee Strap Protectors: Very soft and washable, these fit onto any carrier with straps to protect the straps from inevitable baby chewing! Loan fee is £1 and deposit value is £12

Hammock Rings:for using with woven wraps to turn them into a hammock (needs 2 rings) or swing (needs 1 ring)! For 1 Hammock Ring the loan fee is £1, deposit value is £8.

Lenny Lamb Babywearing Fleece: warm fleece jumper with an extra head hole and space sen in to fit over both adult and child when using a sling or carrier. Comes with a seperate hood for baby and works for front and back carries. The Library has these in 3 sizes to fit most adult/child combinations. Loan fee is £4, deposit is £40

MaM Summer Babywearing CoverThis light babywearing cover fits over all kinds of baby slings and carriers and can as easily be used both on front and back. It protects your child from sun (has a UV Protection Factor of 50+), wind and bugs. Loan fee is £3, deposit is £35

Manduca Pouch: attaches onto a buckle or tie-on carrier, or you can use it as a shoulder bag. Neat and compact, but practical for securely holding your essentials when out and about. Loan fee is £1, deposit is £15

Onbag Baby: A specially designed bag with two long straps that can be tied around the wearer’s body in various positions, helping to prevent bag straps slipping or digging into your child while you are wearing them. Our Onbag is a special edition from the ByEthicals range. This is the smaller sized Onbag, but still big enough for plenty of baby stuff while you’re out and about! Loan fee is £5, deposit is £60

Wrap Straps: Turn your normal shoulder bag into a babywearing bag with one or two wrap straps that you can tie around your body in different positions.  Not suitable for use with all types of bag so please check before hiring.  Loan fee is £1 for each strap and deposit value is £10 for each strap.

Books for Adults

Babywearing: The Benefits and Beauty of this Ancient Tradition by Maria Blois M.D. A recent publication by an author who has also published recent research findings related to babywearing.  A very useful and interesting book for all interested in carrying their children. Loan fee is £1, deposit value is £25

Beloved Burden: Babywearing around the world by I.C. van Hout.  This amazing book looks at the cultures and traditions surrounding babywearing around the world. A very interesting and informative read.  Loan fee is £1, deposit value is £25

Wrap Sling Instruction Manual from Hoppediz. A fantastic, and detailed instruction manual providing clear, step by step instructions for how to tie a wide range of carries using a woven wrap. Loan Fee is £1 (or free if borrowing a woven wrap), deposit value is £15

The Library also now has a small selection of adult information books on child development, parenting and breastfeeding that we hope you’ll enjoy browsing too!

Books for Babies and Children

We now have a fantastic range of books aimed at babies, toddlers and children that all include images and descriptions of babies being carried. All children’s books can be borrowed free of charge, but a deposit of £10-£15 is required for each (to make sure that we get them back!)

A Ride on Mother’s Back: A Day of Baby Carrying Around the World by Emery Bernhard


Babies on the Move by Susan Canizares


BackPack Baby by Miriam Cohen


Carry Me! Animal Babies on the Move by Susan Stockdale


Carry Me (Babies Everywhere Series) by Rena D. Grossman


Elizabeti’s Doll by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen


Global Babies by Global Fund for Children


Mama Elizabeti by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen


Mine: A Backpack Baby Story by Miriam Cohen


Say Hi Backpack Baby by Miriam Cohen


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