Ring Slings & Pouches


To find out about Ring Slings and Pouches and their different features and options, read the information pages here: Ring Slings and Pouches

The South London Sling Library currently has the following Ring Slings and Pouches:

Ring Slings:

Loan fee for most ring slings is £5, however slings made from higher quality fabrics will be more.


Comfy Joey Ring Slings - quality ring slings all sewn with a wide, slightly pleated shoulder style. The Sling Library has the following Comfy Joey ring slings: a supportive single linen sling, lightweight mesh water sling and toddler-width silk sling.

Herbal Baybee Linen Ring Sling – lightweight and unpadded, great for summer – deposit value is £20

Kitten Creations Triple Box Pleat Ring Sling - unpadded, made from specially woven, soft and supportive wrap fabric, this has a triple box pleated shoulder. Deposit value is £35

Lenny Lamb Ring Sling  – unpadded, beautifully soft and made of specially woven baby wrap fabric and a pleated shoulder. We have both a bamboo blend and a cotton Lenny Lamb Ring Sling  – deposit value is £35

Maya Padded Ring Sling – lightweight, with light padding at the shoulder and a useful zipped pocket in the tail.

- Deposit value is £45

Psling Cotton Sling - deposit value is £50

Sakura Bloom Single Linen Ring Sling – made from lightweight, yet strong and supportive quality linen fabric with a gathered shoulder. Hire fee is £6, deposit value is £60

Sleeping Baby Productions Wrap Conversion made from a Hoppediz Costa Rica wrap – unpadded, made of specially woven baby wrap fabric with an SBP (overlapping pleats) shoulder. Our review of this carrier.

- Deposit value is £30

Storchenwiege Ulli Ring Sling - unpadded, made of specially woven and supportive wrap fabric with a gathered shoulder.

- Deposit value is £45

We have additional wrap conversion ring slings with different style shoulders including: Gathered, Fan Pleated, Accordion Pleated, Centrefold, Hotdog and Floating.  Everyone has different shaped shoulders so trying a different style can help solve discomfort in the neck, shoulder or upper arm when using a ring sling.

Special Occasions: Ring slings can work really well for special occasions. The Sling Library has a selection of very high quality ring slings made from more ‘special’ fabrics (like silk, linen and bamboo viscose) that can be hired for occasions like weddings or christenings. Let us know what your requirements are and we may be able to help you to find the perfect sling!


Loan fee for all pouches is £5

BabaSling  Adjustable Pouch – Padded and adjustable, suitable for all ages and sizes depending on fit.  Please note that many parents find this quite hard to adjust so that it fits comfortabley and safely. For this reason we do not recommend this carrier for babies who cannot sit unaided. Deposit value is £30

Hotslings Pouch – Lightweight sized pouches (the Library has size 2 and size 4 to suit small and medium sized parents) with a bit of padding for baby’s comfort. These fold very small so great for keeping in the bottom of a bag, buggy or car boot. Deposit value is £30

Kitten Creations Fitted Pouch – Lightweight and folds very small so extremely convenient to carry in a bag. Has light padding at the edge of the pocket for the child’s comfort. The Library has all sizes 1 to 8 so that you can try one that fits correctly. Deposit value is £25

Lifft Slings Pouch – very comfortable and made from high quality fabrics, Lifft sling pouches have a specially shaped stretch panel at the front only for a comfortable fit. The Library currently has size 1 and size 4. Deposit value is £40

Other Hip Carriers:

Ellaroo Mei Hip – a Half Buckle Mei Tai style carrier that can be used for hip carries only. Great for babies with good head control and upper back strength (from about 3-4 months). Light to carry around and quick and easy to use. Loan fee is £5, deposit value is £35

Hippychick Hipseat – helps to support a child’s weight on your hip, though requires parent to support the child with their arm too. Suitable for carrying older babies and toddlers who can sit up – Loan fee is £5, Deposit value is £30

Scootababy – A well designed and comfortable carrier that’s really quick to use. Comfortabley cups one shoulder and is primarily designed for quick hip carries, but can be used in front and back postions as well. Suitable from about 5 months – Loan fee is £8, deposit value is £85

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