Woven Wraps


To find out about Woven Wraps and their different features and options, read the information page here: About Woven Wraps

The South London Sling Library has woven wraps of various brands, lengths and fabrics; if you’d like to try a woven wrap, but have no idea what to go for, just email southlondonslings@hotmail.co.uk and ask! We will be able to advise you on the best size to try, and do our best to lend you something suitable for your needs and the age of your child.

The Loan Fee for most woven wraps is £5-7 for 2 weeks. Limited Edition or those made from special fabrics may be more.

The South London Sling Library currently has the following Woven Wraps:

 Short Woven Wraps

(Size 1 is about 2.2m, Size 2 is about 2.7m and Size 3 is about 3.2m) – Deposit value for most short wraps is £35-£45.

Short Wrap Brands Stocked: Bara Barn, Didymos, Girasol, Lenny Lamb (bamboo/cotton), Natibaby (bamboo), Storchenweige, Vatenai.

Longer Woven Wraps

(size 4 is about 3.7m, size 5 is about 4.2m, Size 6 is about 4.7m, Size 7 is about 5.2m) – Deposit value for most longer wraps is £50-£80.

Longer Wrap Brands Stocked: Amazonas, Bebina, Didymos, Easycare, Ellevill, Girasol, Hoppediz, Lenny Lamb, Natibaby, Pinjarra, Vatenai.


Gauze Woven Wraps

Thinner and lighter to wear, but some users can feel that they can be more difficult to tie comfortabley with heavier babies and toddlers. All of ours are a longer length wraps (between 4.2-5.2m) – Deposit value for most gauze wraps is £35-£50

Gauze Woven Wraps Stocked: Calin Bleu, Ellaroo


Sling Rings

These are aluminium rings that have been specially manufacturered and tested for use carrying babies and children.  They can be used with woven wraps to turn the wrap into a ‘No Sew Ring Sling’, or to make a long wrap carry easier to adjust.  We have Sling Rings in 3 sizes and will make sure that you try the right size rings for the wrap and child you’ll be using them with. Sling rings are available to borrow with any woven wrap at no extra cost or alone for £1 – Deposit value for a pair of Sling Rings is £5

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