Features: Pouches are essentially a loop of fabric worn over the shoulder and across the body to form a pocket for a child to be carried in.

Age Range/Suitability: For newborns, babies and toddlers using different carrying positions. Suitable for any adult, though less supportive for those with back problems.

Carrying Positions: Front and hip depending on your baby’s age and stage. Back carries are possible for confident users carrying older children in certain adjustable pouches, though can be very hard to get a safe carry and not recommended for long periods.

Options: Some pouches have padding for the comfort of both parent and child – unpadded pouches are not necessarily less comfortable, and can be easier to get a good fit. Some pouches are adjustable and some are a fixed size with no fastening.  Fixed size pouches should be chosen to fit the carrying adult. Adjustable pouches can use zips, buttons, buckles and straps to make them adjust to fit different sized parents. These adjustments can be awkward or fiddly if you need to use them regularly, though can be great if just used to adjust as one parent changes size (e.g. for mum loosing weight after pregnancy)

Pros: extremely quick and easy to use; folds up small to carry in a bag; same pouch can be used from newborn to toddler and for easy discrete breastfeeding; can work well for carrying twins. More about why we think Pouches and Ring Slings are Great!

Cons: less adjustability can result in a less comfortable fit and even adjustable pouches tend to be less easy to fit than a ring sling; weight supported over one shoulder only; not suitable for long periods of carrying; sized pouches need to fit each adult; back carries not possible.

The Sling Library’s Pouches are listed here: Ring Slings and Pouches Carriers

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