Ring Slings

Features: Worn over one shoulder, ring slings are a length of fabric with two rings sewn in to one end to create a very adjustable pocket for the child to be carried in. The fabric is threaded through the rings to secure and adjust the carrier to fit the parent and child.

Age Range/Suitability: For newborns, babies and toddlers using different carrying positions. Suitable for any adult, though less supportive for those with back problems.

Carrying Positions: Front and hip depending on your baby’s age and stage. Back carries are possible for confident users carrying older children, though not recommended for long periods.

Options: Can be made from a range of different fabrics – ring slings made from specially woven wrap fabric or from high quality linen fabrics tend to be the most supportive. There are also different options for the style of the shoulder to suit different shaped parents. Some ring slings have padding for the comfort of both parent and child – unpadded ring slings are not usually less comfortable, and are generally easier to adjust than padded designs. The rings used can be metal or plastic – the best ring slings use aluminium ‘Sling Rings’ that are safe for babies to suck and that have been designed and tested to be used in baby slings so they have no welds or weak points that could break under stress.

Pros: very quick and easy to use; folds up small to carry in a bag; same ring sling can be used from newborn to toddler and for easy discrete breastfeeding; can work well for carrying twins; more adjustable and comfortable than a pouch; two ring slings together can work well as a quick, adjustable 2-shoulder carry. More about why we think Pouches and Ring Slings are Great!

Cons: Greater adjustability means there’s a slightly higher learning curve than with a pouch; weight supported over one shoulder only; not suitable for long periods of carrying.

The Sling Library’s Ring Slings are listed here: Ring Slings and Pouches Carriers

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