More about Woven Wraps

Woven Wrap Sizes

All woven wrap brands produce wraps in different ‘sizes’, which basically just refer to the length of the fabric; wrap sizes are all approximate and vary from wrap to wrap.   We have a range of woven wraps in different sizes so that you can have the chance to try out wrap carries in a certain length. All lengths of woven wrap can be used for front and hip carries, and wraps longer than 2.7m can also be used for back carries.

Shorter (2.2-3.5m) lengths are used to tie more simple carries and for ‘no sew ring slings’ using seperate aluminium ‘Sling Rings’. Longer lengths (3.5-5m) are used for doing more supportive and multilayer wrap carries.  The wrap size required depends on the tying method used, as well as both parent and child sizes.

We would recommend trying a long (4-5m) Woven Wrap as your first wrap carrier as this will allow you to try out a wide range of supportive front, back and hip carries, but we can also help if you’d prefer something with a bit less fabric. We’re more than happy to explain/show you various different carries and positions for the length of wrap that you’re borrowing.

Differences between Woven Wraps

Different wrap brands, designs, fibre content and editions all have different wrapping qualities; for the South London Sling Library we’ve tried to only include wraps that are good all rounders and are both supportive and easy to use, but Emily does have examples of a lot of the different options if you’re interested.

‘Gauze’ wraps are those woven from much thinner threads and materials. They may be a straight rather than diagonal, twill or jacquard weave design. They are often lighter to wear, but some users can feel that they can be more difficult to tie comfortabley with heavier babies and toddlers. We’d usually only recommend these for first time users with smaller babies, for more experienced wrappers with heavier babies or toddlers, or for those wanting to use a wrap in very hot weather.

For your first Woven Wrap, we would recommend buying a 100% cotton standard stripes model from almost any of the main brands that use a diagonal or cross twill weaving method (e.g. Didymos, Hoppediz, Girasol, Storchenwiege, Natibaby, BB-Slen etc.). If you’re ready to buy a woven wrap and have any questions about the bewildering options for woven wraps, then please just ask!

Why Choose a Woven Wrap

Woven wraps do take some practice to get used to, but we think they’re well worth the effort in terms of adaptability, custom-fit and comfort.  Woven wraps can be used with any sized baby or toddler, though thinner fabrics may be less supportive for toddlers and thicker fabrics too bulky for tiny babies. A long Woven Wrap is our favourite carrier to use for a walk or a day out and we’d thoroughly recommend you try one!

Finding out more about wrap carries

There are so many different carries that you can do with a woven wrap. Instructions for many of them are provided on the websites linked on our Carrier instructions page. Searching on the Wrap section of the Natural Mamas forum or on Google or Youtube can also a great way to find information and video tutorials for tying different carries. If searching for new carries or trying to understand all of the wrap terminology, this may be a useful page to look at: Terminology for parts of wrap carries

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