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You may well have already discovered some of the huge amount of sling and baby carrier information that’s out there.  I’ve put together a few information pages, which I hope will be helpful. Ultimately, the best way to know whether a type of carrier will suit you and your baby is to try it out for yourself, which is what the Library’s for!  You may need to try more than one to find the one that works best, and you may well find that your needs change as your baby grows and develops.

Here are links to some information pages on this site:

Benefits of Babywearing and Related Research Articles

Choosing a Baby Carrier plus What to Look Out For in a Good Carrier

Safe Babywearing and a note of warning on Unsafe Baby Carriers and Illegal Fakes

Sling Terms Glossary

And here are some links to external sites:

General Baby Wearing Advice:

Sling Guide is a great site for information about all the different kinds of carriers and their benefits, as well as links to instructions for use.

Facebook can be a great source of information – pages and groups to look out for include: South London Sling Library, Slings and Things – FSOT, Natural Mamas Sling Clinic

Natural Mamas is a friendly parenting forum with a focus on babywearing (plus areas for all aspects of parenting & family life).  You can find detailed information, reviews and instructions for all carrier types and there’s a very active 2nd hand sling sales section (registration and login required for access to this section).  There’s a lot to navigate, but don’t be afraid to jump in and post about whatever you’d like help with.  I’m user Emeriminni, if you’d like any insider help :D

For essential guidelines on using all baby carriers and slings safely, see the Rules for Safe Babywearing here:

To find out about London Sling Meets, try these links:

London Sling Meet Facebook Group

Sling Meet Website

Natural Mamas London Forum

Carrier Instructions:

Please see the Instructions page for links to instructions for all of our carriers.

Making your own carriers:

For a comprehensive selection of tutorials and links for making a wide range of carriers, visit this fantastic website from the maker of Sleeping Baby Productions Ring Slings (click on the logo to open the website): 

If I’ve missed anything, or you really can’t find what you’re looking for, just email to ask and I’ll do my best to help :D

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